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ALF has integrated facilities, with dedicated production lines for the manufacture of chassis’ for variuos vehicles. Besides, assembly lines are also being installed for mass production of suspension assemblies.

ALF has attained a high level of competence and score in mass manufacturing approvals, and the continuous improvements acheived when developing the latest products, is horizontally deployed on the older lines as well.

Besides conventional hydraulic and mechanical presses, ALF has also investmented in servo-mechanical presses, to benefit from improved productivity, besides lower levels of noise pollution.

In the continous improvement cycle, ALF has re-invested in newer CNC bending machines, which offer much higher productivity and better component accuracies.

Robotic welding was first introduced 3 years ago, and has since been expanded. Now there are 6 fully robotized side member manufacturing cells, that have raised the bar considerably in the welding of C-in-C section long members.

In the quest for continuous improvement of productivity and product quality, ALF has started investments in laser cutting machines, with the best in class machines from Trumpf., NTC Komatsu

Autophoretic painting is a ‘green’ revolutionary process that delivers a high quality finish, and is an excellent alternative to traditional E-coat solutions. This is achieved through a waterborne autodeposition process that utilizes chemical reactions, rather than electrical current to coat the surface. The result is a uniform coat - inside and outside- of tubular shapes. A CED plant is also being installed at the new plant at Sricity
ALF has consistently, maintained a very high delivery security against schedules, a fact born out by the “excellent” rating by customers in their “Satisfaction Index”
"Alf Engineering Company is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction through Continual Improvement in its Products, Processes and Systems."
Alf is committed to its customer’s requirement of lean production. Towards this end, Alf has invested in its own fleet of 25 trucks to maintain just-in-time deliveries. Besides, ALF maintains strict inventories to ensure compliance with customer schedules.

All plants are ISO/TS-16949;2009 certified. We also have certification under  EMS  ISO : 14001;2004 & OHSAS ;18001;2007